Please call us anytime with questions regarding a case you are working on.  If you have radiographs you would like us to consult on, 

Please include:

  1. your name,
  2. a brief history,
  3. and best contact phone number

Emails larger than 10MB need to be compressed or sent in multiple messages.

If the patient is under anesthesia and needing a consult, please call us to make sure we have received the email, as the mailbox is only checked periodically through the day.

We will gladly accept any referrals for Oral Surgery and Dentistry.  Click here for the REFERRAL FORM. Once complete it can be emailed or faxed to our office. Please indicate any special care required by the patients and include any recent blood work, dental records/radiographs and previous anesthetic records if any.  We are able to run pre-anesthetic blood on the day of the procedure if needed.  We are not able to take chest or abdominal radiographs at our office.  The patient will need to return to your office for these if indicated.

All of our records, including radiographs/pictures and treatment, will be emailed or faxed to your office.  Be sure to specify preferred method of contact on the referral form. The radiographs and pictures will not be faxed, but can be emailed or mailed separately. All attempts will be made to communicate by phone with your office the day of the procedure.

Referral Veterinarians please send radiographs or questions to