It only takes 12-24 hours for plaque to start accumulating on the teeth after a professional cleaning.  Without intervention, in the form of brushing, it only takes 2 weeks for tartar to start forming.

Daily tooth brushing is the “Gold Standard” for home care as it is in people.  We understand that this is usually easier said than done.  Please view the video below on how to brush your pet’s teeth.

For those patients that do not allow brushing, the alternatives are oral rinses and water additives, which slow the plaque accumulation.

Dental chews are the least effective way to clean the teeth, and we recommend looking for products with the VOHC seal. Please use our “rule of thumb” when choosing chews for your pet: if you cannot bend, flex or break it by hand, it is too hard for your pet to chew.  The most common causes of fractured teeth are bones, rolled rawhide chews and deer antlers.