All of our patients require general anesthesia to facilitate a thorough oral examination, a complete professional prophylaxis and full mouth dental radiographs.

We understand that anesthesia is a big concern to all pet owners of young and old animals.  Anesthetic safety is our number one concern!  We start with pre-operative blood work and we recommend an echocardiogram with a board certified veterinary cardiologist for patients with heart murmurs.

We carefully monitor all of patient’s blood pressure, EKG, heart, respiration, oxygenation, carbon dioxide output and temperature.  All of these give us an indication of the patient’s status under general anesthesia. As these parameters are constantly monitored, we are able to make adjustments or initiate treatments to help avoid serious complications.

We also are able to utilize Dr. Victoria Lukasik, a board certified veterinary anesthesiologist, for very complicated anesthetic cases.